[Ovmsdev] Coulomb metrics !?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Jan 9 15:41:53 HKT 2023


units on standard metrics must not be changed.

Metric units are selected by a practical approach taking EV community 
conventions into account.

Coulomb count for vehicle batteries is normally measured in Ah, just as 
energy is measured in kWh and power in kW.

I've never seen kC or Joules used in an EV context, but if you see a 
need for this, go ahead.


Am 09.01.23 um 05:30 schrieb Michael Geddes:
> Hi all,
> I've just found the total power used/recovered metrics (after 
> realising in the I5 code that I was retrieving but not updating the 
> appropriate metrics).
> Anyway, I then noticed the following:
> v.b.coulomb.used
> v.b.coulomb.used.total
> v.b.coulomb.recd
> v.b.coulomb.recd.total
> The weird thing is that these are all in Amp Hours, which is not 
> coulombs (coulombs is "amp seconds").
> I'm going to submit a patch-request that adds kC (kilocoulombs) since 
> that keeps the numbers reasonable, as well as megajoules (related to kwh)
> I was wondering whether it's worth having the above values stored as 
> 'kilocoulombs' rather than 'Amp Hours'!?  But I realise that this 
> would have potentially bad affects as the raw metric values available 
> on servers etc would change. *sigh*
> Is there anything that can be done?
> //.ichael

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