[Ovmsdev] Hyundai Kona Electric devs?

Christos Oscar Kambiselis ckambiselis at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 03:46:19 HKT 2023

Some good news, after getting a minimum quantity quote of 100pcs from the
Bulgarian distributor, I asked the Alibaba manufacturer for a 10pcs set of
housings and 200 pins of each, and was actually very helpful, just quoted
me a bit extra per piece. I got the connectors the other day and I'm
now testing what would be the max double wire size to crimp to the pins
without a problem, seems to be around 0.14-0,25mm2., I also got some AMP
Multilock automotive connectors for the OVMS side of the Y cable, So it's
easier to change to another CAN bus, instead of crimping a D-Sub cable

So if any dev in Europe with a Kona is interested, send me a message.


On Fri, Feb 3, 2023 at 3:34 PM Christos Oscar Kambiselis <
ckambiselis at gmail.com> wrote:

> Also forgot to say that since I don't want to damage any of the original
> cables I am looking to make a Y-cable for the connector where all the CAN
> busses connect to the gateway, the connector is made by KUM (a Korean
> manufacturer who's website I can't reach), and who's connectors don't seem
> to be distributed by any of the bigger distributors I usually buy parts
> from (Mouser, Digikey, Farnel, TME, Elfa Distrelec) and can't even find
> them on Aliexpress, I did find a Chinese manufacturer on Alibaba that makes
> a clone but their minimum order is 200pcs 3$/pcs.
> I also found a Bulgarian connector and wire harness distributor that has
> the originals and I'm waiting for a quote for 10pcs of male/female, there
> is also a US based surplus connector seller that sells them for 20$ a
> piece which is absurd.
> The part names are HSC16M-W(GY) ASSY and HSC16F-W(GY) ASSY but the part
> numbers are HK111-16011 and HK115-16011, and the pins are TK101-00110
> and TK105-00110.
> Oscar
> On Wed, Feb 1, 2023 at 9:29 PM Peter Lord <peter at plord.co.uk> wrote:
>> On 1 Feb 2023, at 17:09, Christos Oscar Kambiselis <ckambiselis at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>> I have, for my 2019 Kona Electric, the maps of the whole CAN bus network,
>> pinouts of connectors and schematics of the wiring on PDF, these can all be
>> found at service.hyundai-motor (dot) com, when accessed from Europe, the
>> access costs 15€ for 24h or 60€ for a whole week, it's all official service
>> manual info and much more for independent repair shops. I also have a
>> couple of contactless CAN bus readers plus the direct connection to D-CAN
>> through the OBD. My car only has the 8inch Standard Navi without the mobile
>> data connection, but from the info I have gathered the only CAN bus
>> connected to the larger "conected" navi is the same M-CAN that the standard
>> version has, so the remote AC control should be possible, through M-CAN.
>> I’ve also got an early Kona :-)
>> Last time I took a look at the service site it only contained hardware
>> details … so no PID details
>> I was thinking to connect the contactless readers to my logic analyzer
>> plus one channel to a button to act as a marker, and record a known
>> sequence of events, marking each event start with the button for easier
>> searching. I also have access to 100kW DC fast chargers and 22kW AC
>> chargers, including their CAN data when I have my car charging.
>> Okay, that sounds like it would be useful :-)
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