[Ovmsdev] CAN bus logging not working

Christos Oscar Kambiselis ckambiselis at gmail.com
Tue Feb 7 04:08:17 HKT 2023

Has anyone had any problems with CAN bus logging?

I have a 32GB SD card installed and "SD status" gives:

*SD CARD is inserted*
*Status: available*
*Name: SD32G*
*Size:  30419 MB*
*Free:  29767 MB*

*Card type: SDHC/SDXC*
*Max speed: 25000 kHz*
*Capacity: 30436 MB*
*CSD: ver=1; sector_size=512; capacity=62333952 read_bl_len=9*
*SCR: sd_spec=2; bus_width=5*

I have setup CAN1 and 2 to "listen" and started the logging like it's
mentioned in the user guide, checked the status, I stopped it some time
later, and when I go to open it from the Web UI it is empty, also tried
from the Editor and it is also empty, removing the card is a bit tricky
since the hardware is pretty tucked away in the console. I searched the
manual for a format command but can't find anything.

I do get messages and readings on the OVMS Android app, so at least the OBD
CAN is fine.

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