[Ovmsdev] ESP-IDF v4 / v5 - baby steps

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Feb 3 23:47:01 HKT 2023


`int` or `int32_t` is correct, `INT` is defined by the fatfs 
(/esp-idf/components/fatfs/src/integer.h) as `int`.

Btw, I recommend using ctags with an index on both the esp-idf and the 
OVMS tree, makes looking up definitions very easy.


Am 23.01.23 um 22:19 schrieb Ludovic LANGE:
> A new things that need to be checked : in 
> https://github.com/llange/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/commit/f31117a48d4e293b2be01e8b48c1d580d0af834e 
> i had to replace `INT` with another type. This time I choose `int32_t` 
> but I'm not really sure because I could not find a way to see where 
> and how INT was defined. I could only verify (by compilation tricks) 
> that sizeof(INT) == sizeof(int32_t).

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