[Ovmsdev] Hyundai Kona Electric devs?

Julien Banchet jaxx at jaxx.org
Thu Feb 2 01:35:02 HKT 2023

> On 1 Feb 2023, at 18:10, Christos Oscar Kambiselis <ckambiselis at gmail.com> wrote:
> …My car only has the 8inch Standard Navi without the mobile data connection, but from the info I have gathered the only CAN bus connected to the larger "conected" navi is the same M-CAN that the standard version has, so the remote AC control should be possible, through M-CAN.
>> Oscar


I published a few things here a while back : https://gitlab.com/g4933/wideopen/-/wikis/Unit/Pinouts
Not all busses arrive at the head unit but somehow, the controller manages to talk to most of the car (it has a multibus Renesas cpu that talks to the Android or Linux part of the entertainment system, which can carry out some level of diagnostics and retrieve DTCs… so there’s some black magic going on)

I made a a harness to be able to grab all busses from behind the IGMP block, but well, that’s open heart surgery and I still need my car if anything goes haywire :)

I’ll really have to spend time sniffing it one day :)


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