[Ovmsdev] Hyundai Kona Electric devs?

Christos Oscar Kambiselis ckambiselis at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 01:09:56 HKT 2023

I have, for my 2019 Kona Electric, the maps of the whole CAN bus network,
pinouts of connectors and schematics of the wiring on PDF, these can all be
found at service.hyundai-motor (dot) com, when accessed from Europe, the
access costs 15€ for 24h or 60€ for a whole week, it's all official service
manual info and much more for independent repair shops. I also have a
couple of contactless CAN bus readers plus the direct connection to D-CAN
through the OBD. My car only has the 8inch Standard Navi without the mobile
data connection, but from the info I have gathered the only CAN bus
connected to the larger "conected" navi is the same M-CAN that the standard
version has, so the remote AC control should be possible, through M-CAN.

I was thinking to connect the contactless readers to my logic analyzer plus
one channel to a button to act as a marker, and record a known sequence of
events, marking each event start with the button for easier searching. I
also have access to 100kW DC fast chargers and 22kW AC chargers, including
their CAN data when I have my car charging.

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