[Ovmsdev] Webserver Alert pop-up font size?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Oct 23 16:31:07 HKT 2022


add a web hook plugin to /dashboard hook body.pre containing:

.modal pre { font-size: 25px; }

…or whatever font size works for you, default is 13px. You might also 
give adding "font-weight: bold;" a try.


Am 23.10.22 um 04:14 schrieb Greg D.:
> Hi folks,
> While I'm thinking of it, a quick question.
> I have my OVMS v3's Web "Dashboard" being displayed by a Raspberry Pi 
> in my car (a 2010 Tesla Roadster).  The Pi is keyboard-less; just a 
> mouse pad to click around the display, which is the car's tiny in-dash 
> Av/Nav radio (the single-DIN one).  VGA resolution and physically 
> small, but surprisingly functional.  Sort of a HUD, but with all the 
> gauges represented and appropriate to the car.
> When the Roadster urps up an alert, a pop-up window gets displayed 
> with the alert code.  That's great, but the font size is really tiny.  
> It's very hard to read, especially while driving.
> My question:  Is there a way to increase the size of the font, 
> preferably with some sort of persistent configuration command to the 
> OVMSv3?  There's no keyboard, so zooming in with control-plus isn't 
> available.
> Thanks,
> Greg
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