[Ovmsdev] savvycan foo

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Sun Oct 2 10:17:03 HKT 2022

I clearly do not understand how to drive savvycan.

I have two versions on a windows 10 laptop:

     ?, self identifies as V203, circa April 2021
     1.0.245, self identifies as V204, circa May 2021

Connecting is very problematic. I started with my Cadillac which 
"works". As per the documentation I started with:

     can log start tcpserver discard gvret-b :23

I was never able to connect with the May version.

(Meanwhile, the FreeBSD version 1.0.245 port "works" as well as the 
Windows May executable... BTW, I'm the port *maintainer* for this!)

With the older, April version I can sometimes connect but it's painful; 
if anything goes wrong or once it disconnects, I do not know how to 
reconnect, the *only* option appears to be to delete the device and add 
it back...

In the rare cases I was able to connect (to a vehicle with an ovms 
module that I have started a tcpserver on, and the engine running) it 
*always* disconnects after N frames are received (about 125K for the 
Cadillac). It's like it fills up a buffer and quits. As stated, I do not 
understand how to drive this tool.

The 2nd gen CTS has two buses: a canbus @ 500k and a single wire canbus 
@ 33.333k. Is it really not possible to configure the buses to 
*different* speeds? (And if gvret-b allows savvycan to know how many 
buses the network device has why doesn't it know what their respective 
speeds are? And why is 33.3333 missing?)

Sorry for ranting about savvycan issues on the ovmsdev list but I have 
to believe some of you folks understand how make it do something useful.


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