[Ovmsdev] SWCAN

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Thu May 26 02:05:31 HKT 2022

On 5/23/22 00:39, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Discussing with the manufacturer, feedback is:
>   * Given component vs board manufacturing cost, it seems simplest to
>     combine this with the existing k-line option board, to produce a new
>     ‘combo’ option board containing both K-line and SWCAN (DIP switch
>     selectable one or the other, not both).

(Sounds sweet!)

>   * The TH8056 component is causing issues. Availability is poor (in
>     China) and price is very high.
> Does anyone know of any alternative to the TH8056 that can be suggested? 
> Any other comments on this?

On 5/24/22 23:23, Alexander K wrote:
> NCV7356 is compliant to GMW3089.
> Also TH8056 has two versions with 8 and 14 pins. Both are suitable.

Looks like the difference (for both transceivers) is the presence of an 
inhibit pin.

I usually use mouser.com when I buy the small quantity of parts I need 
for my projects. I see $1.12 for quantity 100 for the 8 pin version with 
~2K in stock. Looks like the reel quantity is 3000 so they are selling 
off their last reel. The 8 pin variants are all out of stock with 
impressive 60+ week lead times (and ~60K parts on order!) The NCV7356 is 
out of stock for both flavors and look more expensive.


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