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Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Thu May 26 08:48:15 HKT 2022


Not sure why the US distributors are showing plenty of stock and good pricing, but the ones in China are not good now. Weird chip shortage stuff going on at the moment. Even a simple SPDT DIP switch costing US$1 on mouser is US$5 in China and sourcing them is like trying to find a vein of gold.

I’ve told the manufacturer either TH8056 or NCV7356 should be ok, and they are trying to source.

If the component cost is really too high, then we’ll just go back to the two different boards idea (or perhaps one PCB only populated with components for each option like we do with our modem PCBs).

Regards, Mark.

> On 26 May 2022, at 2:05 AM, Craig Leres <leres at xse.com> wrote:
> On 5/23/22 00:39, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
>> Discussing with the manufacturer, feedback is:
>>  * Given component vs board manufacturing cost, it seems simplest to
>>    combine this with the existing k-line option board, to produce a new
>>    ‘combo’ option board containing both K-line and SWCAN (DIP switch
>>    selectable one or the other, not both).
> (Sounds sweet!)
>>  * The TH8056 component is causing issues. Availability is poor (in
>>    China) and price is very high.
>> Does anyone know of any alternative to the TH8056 that can be suggested? Any other comments on this?
> On 5/24/22 23:23, Alexander K wrote:
>> NCV7356 is compliant to GMW3089.
>> Also TH8056 has two versions with 8 and 14 pins. Both are suitable.
> Looks like the difference (for both transceivers) is the presence of an inhibit pin.
> I usually use mouser.com when I buy the small quantity of parts I need for my projects. I see $1.12 for quantity 100 for the 8 pin version with ~2K in stock. Looks like the reel quantity is 3000 so they are selling off their last reel. The 8 pin variants are all out of stock with impressive 60+ week lead times (and ~60K parts on order!) The NCV7356 is out of stock for both flavors and look more expensive.
> 		Craig

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