[Ovmsdev] Not processing canbus frames anymore

Simon Ehlen ovms at highteq.de
Fri Apr 15 17:18:13 HKT 2022

Hi Michael,

On 15/04/2022 10:11 Michael Balzer wrote:

> …that's possibly a hint you've frequent packet bursts on that bus, and that may be the cause you're experiencing the freeze so often. 

> That would lead to a possible bug in the driver's RX handling for situations where new packets come in very fast. The MCP2515 isn't

> particularly simple to read & control in such situations, our driver may lack some crucial handling.

I added the CAN3 connection later and felt the problems with CAN2 started to appear from that point on.
Can the many burst packets on CAN3 actually affect the handling of the CAN2 packets so that the whole mcp2515 handling comes to a halt?
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