[Ovmsdev] Not processing canbus frames anymore

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Thu Apr 14 06:51:58 HKT 2022

Here is can bus status for my Corvette after 4 run cycles in which it 
was never able to transmit frames on can1.


OVMS# can can1 status
CAN:       can1
Mode:      Active
Speed:     500000
DBC:       none

Interrupts:             5115225
Rx pkt:                 4236787
Rx ovrflw:                    0
Tx pkt:                       0
Tx delays:                   30
Tx ovrflw:                28916
Tx fails:                   840

Err flags: 0x00000000
Rx err:                       0
Tx err:                       0
Rx invalid:                   0
Wdg Resets:                   0
Wdg Timer:                    3 sec(s)
Err Resets:                   0

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