[Ovmsdev] Not processing canbus frames anymore

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Tue Apr 5 05:04:22 HKT 2022

On 4/3/22 12:58, Simon Ehlen wrote:
>     On 3/20/22 00:40, Craig Leres wrote:
>     Thursday I went for a quick drive and got a flatbed alert and I see now
>     that with the engine running v.e.on is "no". No idea why the module in
>     my CTS-V doesn't have the same problem. (But it is also unable to
>     keep a
>     gvret session up.)
> I observe the same behavior that I get a supposed theft alarm reported 
> and then when I look in the metrics I see that v.e.on is set to 'no'.
> When I look at the status of the CAN bus, I see that no more messages 
> are coming in.
> I only observe the problem on CAN2 (125kbps) and CAN3 (500kbps). As soon 
> as I set the CAN bus to stop and directly restart it, new messages 
> immediately start flowing in again.

Which vehicle type are you using?

My problems are specific to the C6 Corvette and I'm been having a 
difficult time getting any traction on what I'm doing wrong. What I see 
is that any version I boot works for a little while. But after some 
length of time, the canbus stops working and I get flatbed  alerts 
because the module does not detect that the car is running.

The last build I did under FreeBSD that works with the Corvette is 
3.3.001-285-g601f2a70. But everything works with my Cadillac... 
Initially I was thinking I had a toolchain problem of some kind. But I 
tried running the edge version recently (3.3.002-18 or similar) and it 
failed (points away from toolchain/FreeBSD environment). I also tried 
building 3.3.001-285 with my current FreeBSD tools and it fails (points 
back to toolchain/FreeBSD environment).

Over the weekend I restored the system I do ovms builds on, from 
February 22nd, to a spare SSD and tried rebuilding 3.3.001-285; that 
version seems to work. I built 3.3.002-25 and have booted that; I'll be 
driving the Corvette a couple more run cycles today and will be able to 
tell if it works.

I don't believe my xtensa-esp32-elf package has changed in a really long 
time. But I did switch from python 3.8 to 3.9 around the time things 
stopped working and I'm pretty sure python is used in at least the 
linking process, so maybe that's my problem.


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