[Ovmsdev] Not processing canbus frames anymore

Simon Ehlen ovms at highteq.de
Tue Apr 5 13:45:07 HKT 2022

On 4/4/22 23:05, Craig Leres wrote:

> Which vehicle type are you using?

My vehicle type is a Ford Focus electric, the module is still in the early stages of development.

> What I see is that any version I boot works for a little while.

> But after some length of time, the canbus stops working and

> I get flatbed  alerts because the module does not detect that the car is running.

That's how it is for me, too. I have read-only access to the CAN buses without additional polling. After some time I notice that the values are no longer updated, if I then look at the bus with 'can can2 status', I see that neither interrupts nor packets come in, although the bus is definitely still active. Either a module reset or a restart of the bus let the messages flow again.
 On which bus do you have the problem? So far I could only observe this on CAN2 and CAN3. CAN1 was not stalled as far as I can tell.
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