[Ovmsdev] Not processing canbus frames anymore

Simon Ehlen ovms at highteq.de
Mon Apr 4 03:58:59 HKT 2022


On 3/20/22 00:40, Craig Leres wrote:
Thursday I went for a quick drive and got a flatbed alert and I see now 
that with the engine running v.e.on is "no". No idea why the module in 
my CTS-V doesn't have the same problem. (But it is also unable to keep a 
gvret session up.)

I observe the same behavior that I get a supposed theft alarm reported and then when I look in the metrics I see that v.e.on is set to 'no'.
When I look at the status of the CAN bus, I see that no more messages are coming in.
I only observe the problem on CAN2 (125kbps) and CAN3 (500kbps). As soon as I set the CAN bus to stop and directly restart it, new messages immediately start flowing in again.
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