[Ovmsdev] Branch for-v3.3 network issues

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Tue Sep 21 05:12:25 HKT 2021


Am 20.09.21 um 23:00 schrieb Craig Leres:
> On 9/20/21 1:47 PM, Michael Balzer wrote:
>> Craig,
>> Am 20.09.21 um 22:08 schrieb Craig Leres:
>>> 3.2.016-292-g61cde63a/ota_0/main ran for almost 22 hours and then 
>>> locked up. When I plugged a cable in it was completely dead and I 
>>> had to cycle power to get it back. I suspect the only way I'll get 
>>> anything interesting is to leave a laptop plugged into the serial 
>>> console. But I'll bet it was the heap issue...
>> To clarify: the script produced the checkpoint log outputs until just 
>> before the module stopped working, and you don't see any "TypeError" 
>> in your log files?
> I think I'm missing config to capture script logs? I used a script to 
> download 
> https://api.openvehicles.com:6869/api/historical/????/*-OVM-ServerLogs 
> and don't see it there. I also do some logging to the sd card but that 
> log seems to mostly have can bus watchdogs and other  errors.
> I'm not sure what logging to turn on (or how to do it when I'm at work 
> and can't easily get to the web gui on the box).
>         Craig
> OVMS# log status
> Log listeners      : 4
> File logging status: active
>   Log file path    : /sd/logs/ovms-z.log
>   Current size     : 182.2 kB
>   Cycle size       : 1024 kB
>   Cycle count      : 0
>   Dropped messages : 0
>   Messages logged  : 45
>   Total fsync time : 0.1 s

That's file logging enabled, and logs stored on your SD card in the 
"logs" directory. If your config is unchanged, you should find some 
archived log files there. Configuration is btw explained here: 

You cannot download these files via the server. The "*-OVM-ServerLog" is 
just the protocol of the server communication as seen by the server.

To download the module log files from /sd/logs, you can either use the 
web UI, or you can use ssh/scp.


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