[Ovmsdev] Heap corruption

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Mon Sep 20 02:03:38 HKT 2021


I can now reproduce the corrupted heap crashes on branch "master" as 
well, and would like to know if anyone else can reproduce these as well.

To replicate, change the script component to launch the duktape task on 
core 0. Then start the below test script (from "Branch for-v3.3 network 
issues" thread).

The heap corruption will occur within a few seconds. It will happen at 
different places, where a free() call is made.

With duktape (and the script) running on core 1, no heap corruption 
occurs with branch "master". It's present with branch "for-v3.3" then 
only, and it needs much longer script runtime to occur.

I have no idea yet how this can depend on the core we're running on. I'm 
open to suggestions what to try to narrow this down. I've disabled all 
auto start components and file logging, i.e. the module runs without a 
vehicle and without networking. Next would be to exclude components from 
the build.


Am 19.09.21 um 09:53 schrieb Michael Balzer:
> The corrupt heap crashes might be something else, up to now I only saw 
> them with the for-v3.3 branch. I'm currently trying to reproduce one 
> of these on "master". Unfortunately gdb cannot handle them, the call 
> stack also seems to be corrupted.
> Here's a new version of the script that logs progress so you don't 
> need to enable event logging:
> // Setup:
> script eval 'testcnt=0; PubSub.subscribe("usr.testev", function(ev) { 
> var ms=Number(ev.substr(11))||10; if (++testcnt % (3*1000/ms) == 0) 
> print(ev + ": " + testcnt); OvmsEvents.Raise("usr.testev."+ms, ms); })'
> // Start with 10 ms interval:
> script eval 'testcnt=0; OvmsEvents.Raise("usr.testev.10")'
> // Check status:
> script eval 'print("testcnt: " + testcnt + "\n")'
> // Stop:
> script eval 'PubSub.unsubscribe("usr.testev")' 

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