[Ovmsdev] Branch for-v3.3 network issues

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun Sep 19 15:53:01 HKT 2021


Am 19.09.21 um 06:45 schrieb Craig Leres:
> Running 3.2.016-394-ge7d9e1c1/ota_0/main, I ran your suggested 
> script/event commands. Within ~30 seconds I tried "event trace on". 
> But since I was on the serial console I next decided to type "event 
> trace off" and try that on a ssh session but the module crashed with 
> your heap crash before I could stop the output. Is it a problem if I 
> cause the module to generate way more serial output than 115200 baud 
> can handle?
> (Before I rebooted I saw that the module was again unhappy with the 
> cell modem but I guess one problem at a time...)
> I ran your test commands a second time. After 3-4 minutes I tried 
> ssh'ing in which seemed to cause another KCORRUPT HEAP crash. (I 
> didn't collect any info from that crash.

The corrupt heap crashes might be something else, up to now I only saw 
them with the for-v3.3 branch. I'm currently trying to reproduce one of 
these on "master". Unfortunately gdb cannot handle them, the call stack 
also seems to be corrupted.

Here's a new version of the script that logs progress so you don't need 
to enable event logging:

// Setup:
script eval 'testcnt=0; PubSub.subscribe("usr.testev", function(ev) { 
var ms=Number(ev.substr(11))||10; if (++testcnt % (3*1000/ms) == 0) 
print(ev + ": " + testcnt); OvmsEvents.Raise("usr.testev."+ms, ms); })'

// Start with 10 ms interval:
script eval 'testcnt=0; OvmsEvents.Raise("usr.testev.10")'

// Check status:
script eval 'print("testcnt: " + testcnt + "\n")'

// Stop:
script eval 'PubSub.unsubscribe("usr.testev")'

This version will log a loop counter every 3 seconds, and you can query 
the loop counter by the check command.


I (2369414) script: [eval:1:] usr.testev.10: 37500
I (2373244) script: [eval:1:] usr.testev.10: 37800
I (2376884) script: [eval:1:] usr.testev.10: 38100
E (2377694) script: [int/PubSub.js:1] TypeError: not object 
coercible|    at [anon] (duk_api_stack.c:3661) internal|    at hasKeys 
(int/PubSub.js:1) strict|    at messageHasSubscribers (int/PubSub.js:1) 
strict|    at publish (int/PubSub.js:1) strict|    at [anon] 
(int/PubSub.js:1) strict preventsyield
OVMS# script eval 'print("testcnt: " + testcnt + "\n")'
testcnt: 38155

Please try this with "master" as well to see if you also only get the 
heap corruption with for-v3.3.


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