[Ovmsdev] Update from master

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Tue Nov 2 04:21:00 HKT 2021

On 11/1/21 12:44, Shane @ Kilve Engineering wrote:
> Hi all I ve just done an update from ovms master and gone to do a build 
> and got given lots of options to select?
> Now my builds won’t connect to v2 server


>    Enable MONGOOSE SSL/TLS support (MG_ENABLE_SSL) [Y/n/?] y
>      Select the MONGOOSE SSL/TLS library to use
>      > 1. mbedTLS (MG_SSL_IF_MBEDTLS) (NEW)
>        2. WolfSSL (MG_SSL_IF_WOLFSSL) (NEW)
>      choice[1-2?]: 2

Switch back to mbedTLS for now.


 > For the tls issue, it looks like let's encrypt ca issue. If you
 > are using 3.1.017 that should be resolved. If custom build, make
 > sure you have the correct tls library chosen in menuconfig (not
 > wolf ssl as broken).

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