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Mon Mar 29 05:46:09 HKT 2021

 Ok, I think I found the issue.In 

void OvmsReToolsPidScanner::IncomingPollFrame(const CAN_frame_t* frame)

frameLength should not be a 8 bits, it should rather be a 16 bits

 uint8_t frameLength = frame->data.u8[0] & 0x0f;

    Le dimanche 28 mars 2021 13 h 40 min 02 s UTC−4, Michael Balzer <dexter at expeedo.de> a écrit :  
 the PID scanner normally works perfectly with multi frame responses, but I haven't had a response that long yet.
 For 1503 bytes, 215 consecutive frames need to be transmitted. The PID scanner requests these to be sent with 25 ms separation time, so they should need 5.375 seconds.
 Maybe some frame gets lost, or maybe the device doesn't allow a separation time that high for a transmission that huge.
 Your log quote wasn't from the re-pid component but from obd2ecu, which has nothing to do with the RE tools. You should raise the log level for re-pid to see more info. Another tracing option is to use the CAN log monitor.
 Btw, you should never need 30 seconds timeout for a PID poll, as the scanner checks against the last frame reception.
 Am 28.03.21 um 17:52 schrieb didier at ernotte.com:
 I am investigating some PID with very long data. I am using the PID scanner for this. When I turn on the log level debug , I can see this as the first repy
   D (1456677) obd2ecu: Rcv 7ec: 8 (15 df 62 48 83 0 0 0)

>From the Canbus doc, I understand that the first "1x (15)" tells me that this is the first frame of a multi frame, and the length is "5df" .
The Pid scanner seems to return only "df", not "5df" data, and I can see in the log that I have around 1500 byte returned, not 220.
Any explanation ? anyone see this problem as well ?

The scan command is (I had to hack the code to allow timeout > 10sec)

re obdii scan start 1 7e4 4883 4883 -r500-7ff -t22 -x30  
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