[Ovmsdev] new member interested in Kia Soul EV preheating

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Wed Jun 30 01:00:14 HKT 2021

Personally, I'm comfortable with "always on" OBDII equipment and understand
the risks. I'm tempted to buy a dual use lithium ion aux battery for it so
I don't have to watch the 12v so closely. Appreciate the warning.

To points about polling while parked, I get it - that seems like it would
be an "all OVMS" setting not particularly an xks setting, at a guess?

On Tue, Jun 29, 2021 at 12:19 PM Henrik Scheel <henrik.scheel at spjeldager.dk>

> Regarding the 12V-draining that Henrik mentions, waking up the in-car CAN
> bus systems is needed to read the state of anything when the cars is off,
> like the door-locks, if I recall correctly. Otherwise OVMS would be
> completely silent and ?useless? when the car is off. I don?t know if any
> one has found another way around it.
> I will repeat the solution I suggested to Geir two and a half years ago
> (when we discussed the draining aux-battery issue for the old Kia Soul EV
> car module):
> Make it user selectable whether the user wants OVMS to
> - turn on the car regularly when off, to repeatedly read the lock state
> etc, all through the night; or
> - not turn on the car regularly, to prevent draining the Aux-battery to 5
> Volts. I would suggest this choice for default.
> The old Kia Soul EV module has a user setting for choosing to reprogram
> the third FOB key to open the charge door. A new user setting for enabling
> the car wake-up would make the OVMS module safe to use.
> I still do not see the value of obtaining data from the car when it is
> off, and Geir did not want to let me know the reason he finds it valuable,
> when I asked him.
> I stopped using OVMS back then, and have worked on the Soul EV Spy android
> app instead.
> Best regards,
> Henrik Scheel
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