[Ovmsdev] new member interested in Kia Soul EV preheating

Henrik Scheel henrik.scheel at spjeldager.dk
Tue Jun 29 23:12:51 HKT 2021

> Regarding the 12V-draining that Henrik mentions, waking up the in-car CAN bus systems is needed to read the state of anything when the cars is off, like the door-locks, if I recall correctly. Otherwise OVMS would be completely silent and ?useless? when the car is off. I don?t know if any one has found another way around it.

I will repeat the solution I suggested to Geir two and a half years ago (when we discussed the draining aux-battery issue for the old Kia Soul EV car module):
Make it user selectable whether the user wants OVMS to 
- turn on the car regularly when off, to repeatedly read the lock state etc, all through the night; or 
- not turn on the car regularly, to prevent draining the Aux-battery to 5 Volts. I would suggest this choice for default.

The old Kia Soul EV module has a user setting for choosing to reprogram the third FOB key to open the charge door. A new user setting for enabling the car wake-up would make the OVMS module safe to use.

I still do not see the value of obtaining data from the car when it is off, and Geir did not want to let me know the reason he finds it valuable, when I asked him.

I stopped using OVMS back then, and have worked on the Soul EV Spy android app instead.

Best regards,
Henrik Scheel

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