[Ovmsdev] new member interested in Kia Soul EV preheating

Henrik Scheel henrik.scheel at spjeldager.dk
Mon Jun 28 17:44:11 HKT 2021

Hello Kyle.

> I'm interested in trying to get some sort of pre-heating going in the Soul.
> The story coming to mind:
> - As a driver, I'd like to be able to tell my Soul to start warming itself
> up while connected to an EVSE, so that when I leave the house in ~30
> minutes I'll have a warm car and won't have to spend my precious 180km of
> range (who are we kidding, 150 in winter) on that.
> It'd be nice to do this in the OVMS Android app somehow, but that's
> negotiable.
>> From stalking this forum and Kia SOUL EV forums, people have figured out
> lots of things about the Soul but not this yet somehow?

Remote pre-heating has been the wet dream for Soul EV tinkerers since 2014, none succeeding by using only the usual CAN-bus, or the other CAN-bus available in the Soul OBD-II connector, to my knowledge. It might not be possible. 

The best shot I can think of, is to record all CAN activity on all busses, while a certified KIA garage performs a full diagnostic examination of the heating system. And then start digging in the heaps of data. I don’t know if anyone has attempted this already.

See discussion:
And gathered info on PIDs:

I am the current maintainer of the Soul EV Spy android app, so I know a little about the Soul EV CAN bus messaging. Feel free to ask, and/or find inspiration in the code avaliable for the old, free version of the app here:

I stopped using OVMS in the Soul, because the maintainer of the Soul car module coded it, so that under certain conditions it wakes up the in-car CAN bus systems regularly, leading to an AUX battery drained to 5 Volts, and a car that cannot start (or even unlock). I don’t know if that has been improved since then.

I am open to sharing PID and other information, so just write me directly, if you want: soulspy at evranger.com

Best regards,
Venlig hilsen / best regards 
Henrik Scheel
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