[Ovmsdev] new member interested in Kia Soul EV preheating

EV Eh? evehcanada at gmail.com
Mon Jun 28 11:08:36 HKT 2021

Hello! I'm new.

I have an OVMS installed now, and working pretty well on my 2018 Kia EV
Soul. I can now use the previously useless "third button" on the remote to
open the charging door, and remote lock and unlock the car. I can even show
a nearly useless (but fun) second speedometer using the web interface and
my iPad while driving by connecting to the OVMS AP. I have the antennas
connected and the cell phone modem working. Win!

I have SavvyCAN installed and working over wifi too. I have spare SD Cards
I can use if network streaming isn't enough.

I'm interested in trying to get some sort of pre-heating going in the Soul.
The story coming to mind:

 - As a driver, I'd like to be able to tell my Soul to start warming itself
up while connected to an EVSE, so that when I leave the house in ~30
minutes I'll have a warm car and won't have to spend my precious 180km of
range (who are we kidding, 150 in winter) on that.

It'd be nice to do this in the OVMS Android app somehow, but that's

>From stalking this forum and Kia SOUL EV forums, people have figured out
lots of things about the Soul but not this yet somehow?

I have a background in software dev and *nix systems administration, and
I'm a tinkerer at heart.

How do I get started? Naively, it seems like I would just ... what, start
SaavyCAN, sit in the car and ... turn the heat on? That can't possibly
work. Maybe ... have the scheduled cabin preheater start while SavvyCAN is
listening? I mean, surely someone tried that already? (I'll likely start
here if there's no alternative advice out there..)

aka Longbranchflyer, EVEhCanada
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