[Ovmsdev] Generator / V2G metrics proposal

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Thu Jan 14 05:35:35 HKT 2021


thanks for the feedback. I understand you don't miss any vital metrics.

I prefer "gen" because it's the view of the vehicle as a power 
generator, and because the abbreviation "v.g." is distinct, clear & 
easily memorizable, with a clear advantage over "v.v." or any "v.v2x." 
variant, and a nice coverage of the "grid" association on "v.g." as well.

"Generator" is also exactly the role of the vehicle in a V2X setup 
(acting as a power generator). Regeneration or recuperation is always a 
"re…" term.

The voltages are both meant to be at the "grid" side, as we already have 
the battery voltage as a separate metric, and as the charger voltage is 
also defined to be that. See the comments:

     OvmsMetricFloat* ms_v_charge_voltage;          // Momentary 
*charger supply* voltage [V]
     OvmsMetricFloat* ms_v_gen_voltage;             // Momentary 
*generator output* voltage [V]

On the energy sums, I considered using some "output/input" or the 
already defined "used/recd" scheme, but none of these is as clear as "grid".

I think "grid" nicely covers all normal V2X applications, also V2H, as 
even a home without connection to the public power grid still has it's 
own local in-house power grid. The only application where "grid" is a 
bit off is if you connect only one device to the generator. I think 
that's an edge case we don't need to take into account.


Am 13.01.21 um 19:52 schrieb Derek Caudwell:
> Hi Michael
> Despite mentioning it some time ago I haven't had time to progress 
> anything around V2G, V2H. So good to see you are. IMO using v.gen 
> could be confusing as it is not strictly operating as a generator, 
> that is closer to motor regeneration back into the pack. How about v2x 
> instead which covers both V2H and V2G applications?
> Is the voltage metric required as my understanding is this will be the 
> pack DC voltage?
> Given there is the possibility of V2H, so not grid connected could you 
> instead have v.v2x.kwh.output and .input?
> Cheers Derek

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