[Ovmsdev] PR #516 followup, and looking for ideas as to h

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Jan 9 21:27:34 HKT 2021


that's probably the cause then. Persistence can only be granted to a 
small set of metrics, as the RTC RAM is limited. More space could be 
gained by changing the storage structure, but that's no short term todo.

Check if your reboots were due to OTA firmware updates (maybe you didn't 
disable them and poll from the edge branch?).

If not, check your crash debug history.


Am 09.01.21 um 11:34 schrieb Steve Davies:
> Hi Michael,
> In respect to PR #516 and the pack voltage:
> Thanks for clarifying about the staleness and on your explanation I 
> agree my PR is wrong.
> I went through my logs and I can't find a case where we read 0v from 
> the car. (I will put a little sanity check in the code though in case 
> we do read something unreasonable).
> But: my OVMS reboots sometimes.  I didn't really look into the details.
> But I notice that the SOC is persistent, but the pack voltage is not.  
> Is it a credible guess that this is actually what is happening?  That 
> the OVMS rebooted, and since the car is asleep we can't get a new 
> value and are left with no value.
> Would also explain why my change seemed to fix the problem - since 
> seeing the issue depended on whether there was a reboot or not.
> Thanks,
> Steve
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