[Ovmsdev] PR #516 followup, and looking for ideas as to h

Steve Davies steve at telviva.co.za
Sat Jan 9 18:34:15 HKT 2021

Hi Michael,

In respect to PR #516 and the pack voltage:

Thanks for clarifying about the staleness and on your explanation I agree
my PR is wrong.

I went through my logs and I can't find a case where we read 0v from the
car. (I will put a little sanity check in the code though in case we do
read something unreasonable).

But: my OVMS reboots sometimes.  I didn't really look into the details.

But I notice that the SOC is persistent, but the pack voltage is not.  Is
it a credible guess that this is actually what is happening?  That the OVMS
rebooted, and since the car is asleep we can't get a new value and are left
with no value.

Would also explain why my change seemed to fix the problem - since seeing
the issue depended on whether there was a reboot or not.

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