[Ovmsdev] Queue overflows

Steve Davies steve at telviva.co.za
Mon Jan 11 17:44:55 HKT 2021


I generally debug by watching the shell via the web interface with logging
from my vehicle module at debug or verbose.

I seem to be hitting throughput limitations for the websocket pushing the
output to my client, though, and see many of these:

log.20210110-144200:2021-01-10 14:17:39 SAST W (1630612) websocket:
WebSocketHandler[0x3f8531a4]: job queue overflow resolved, 133 drops

This especially happened when I went to a charger for a test and was
connected to the OVMS system on on the local Wifi AP that the
OVMS creates.

Is this to be expected?  Is it more efficient to "log monitor" via ssh, or
do I really need a serial connection over USB?

I do see that the websocket overflows seem to occur when any client is
connected whether you are looking at the shell or not.  In my case I'm
logging quite a lot and I guess I exceed the 100 deep queue.

I see that I can make the queue bigger for the websocket - would it be a
big problem to increase the 100 to 200 by default?

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