[Ovmsdev] indirect TPMS in app

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Jan 9 01:33:56 HKT 2021


as we don't have a new capabilities message scheme yet, conditional 
blocks are the way it works right now in the App.

The meanings of standard metrics and message data fields should not be 
changed. Introducing custom metrics and a custom MP record is a possible 

But having custom solutions for common things like this is a PITA. Maybe 
we can work something out to convert the readings into the standard metrics?

For example: if you get a "health percentage", we could introduce a 
configuration for the "100%" health pressure level, so we can get an 
absolute value from that.


Am 08.01.21 um 15:12 schrieb sharkcow:
> I have now figured out how to read and partly how to interpret the
> metrics of the indirect TPMS on the e-up.
> We get a "tyre emergency" and a "pressure diffusion" value for each 
> wheel.
> Since the values are relative, I would like to transmit them to the app
> as raw data and only display a percentage (100% means everything is ok).
> Would it be ok to just introduce an if-statement in the app to detect
> whether the vehicle type is an e-up and change the default displays
> accordingly?
> sharkcow
> PS: I feel this value (incl. a useful alert value) would be very
> beneficial: I just found out that I had lost quite some pressure over
> the 2 years I own the vehicle without TPMS reacting. The metrics on OBD
> showed a nicely measureable change however, which could easily be used
> to have OVMS notify me. (Yes, I should have checked the pressure
> regularly, but hey: what's a TPMS for?!)
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