[Ovmsdev] indirect TPMS in app

sharkcow sharkcow at gmx.de
Fri Jan 8 22:12:56 HKT 2021

I have now figured out how to read and partly how to interpret the
metrics of the indirect TPMS on the e-up.

We get a "tyre emergency" and a "pressure diffusion" value for each wheel.

Since the values are relative, I would like to transmit them to the app
as raw data and only display a percentage (100% means everything is ok).

Would it be ok to just introduce an if-statement in the app to detect
whether the vehicle type is an e-up and change the default displays


PS: I feel this value (incl. a useful alert value) would be very
beneficial: I just found out that I had lost quite some pressure over
the 2 years I own the vehicle without TPMS reacting. The metrics on OBD
showed a nicely measureable change however, which could easily be used
to have OVMS notify me. (Yes, I should have checked the pressure
regularly, but hey: what's a TPMS for?!)

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