[Ovmsdev] Willing to help adding Ampera-e/Bolt support

Edwin ten Haaf edwin at familietenhaaf.nl
Fri Apr 16 15:25:08 HKT 2021

Hello All,

I'm currently driving a 2018 Opel Ampera-e and since Opel pulled out the
plug from OnStar as they moved to PSA group (peugeot) my car is offline.
Recently I noticed the OVMS project and bought myself a kit.
It's hooked up and connected but only location data is available at the

The pids needed are available from this location
Jason_ABRP wrote some tips in the forum thread

As I am not a developer but a eager to learn system engineer in IT i'm
lost from this point.
In the bolt/ampera pid sheet there are these pids but how do I translate
these into a new car template?
My son is a software developer student and can also help me in making this

Any help would be appreciated.


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