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Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Jul 10 05:42:51 HKT 2020

Welcome Derek,

I've got a rework of the wifi component near done that allows to use
scanning mode in apclient configuration. I think I can push the changes
tomorrow & suggest you'll be my beta tester ;-)


Am 09.07.20 um 20:50 schrieb Derek Caudwell:
> Hi devs,
> I recently received the ovms hardware and have been trying to
> setup the unit so I can solely use the wifi AP+client. In NZ 3G is
> soon to be sunset and for my needs I don't really need a connection
> when I'm driving (and want to make sure everything is behaving nicely
> on the can bus before I do). 
> I realise AP+client brings it limitations however hopefully some of
> these can be worked around as I want to be able to use
> the dashboard/plugins as well as the mobile app. I am new to C/ESP32
> programming and the code base so I thought it best to ask a few
> questions before I begin tinkering with it.
> Ideally I want the unit on loss of connection to an AP to try and find
> another AP that has been set in the wifi config and connect. The parts
> I am not too sure are as follows:
>  - on boot the code uses the default wifi ssid, if the default is not
> available how does the code try and switch to one of the other saved APs?
>     - can multiple APs be saved to the wifi config memory and handled
> by ESP32? or do they need to be retrieved from ovms config, wifi
> client details set, try connect and enumerated through?
>  - I assume EventTimer10 is the logical place to add extra code if
> required to enumerate through APs and try to connect? similar to
> EventScanWifiDone when in SClient mode
>  - What is the reason scanning mode is unavailable for AP+client mode
> in auto init, from the ESP32 documentation it appeared to be usable
> still but with limitations? 
> Thanks in advance for any pointers and background.
> Cheers Derek
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