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Derek Caudwell d.caudwell at gmail.com
Fri Jul 10 02:50:16 HKT 2020

Hi devs,

I recently received the ovms hardware and have been trying to setup the
unit so I can solely use the wifi AP+client. In NZ 3G is soon to be sunset
and for my needs I don't really need a connection when I'm driving (and
want to make sure everything is behaving nicely on the can bus before I

I realise AP+client brings it limitations however hopefully some of these
can be worked around as I want to be able to use the dashboard/plugins as
well as the mobile app. I am new to C/ESP32 programming and the code base
so I thought it best to ask a few questions before I begin tinkering with

Ideally I want the unit on loss of connection to an AP to try and find
another AP that has been set in the wifi config and connect. The parts I am
not too sure are as follows:
 - on boot the code uses the default wifi ssid, if the default is not
available how does the code try and switch to one of the other saved APs?
    - can multiple APs be saved to the wifi config memory and handled by
ESP32? or do they need to be retrieved from ovms config, wifi client
details set, try connect and enumerated through?
 - I assume EventTimer10 is the logical place to add extra code if required
to enumerate through APs and try to connect? similar to EventScanWifiDone
when in SClient mode
 - What is the reason scanning mode is unavailable for AP+client mode in
auto init, from the ESP32 documentation it appeared to be usable still but
with limitations?

Thanks in advance for any pointers and background.

Cheers Derek
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