[Ovmsdev] Do I have to flash "entire chip" with esptool if I already have the code on my OVMS box?

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sat Dec 5 19:51:48 HKT 2020


I know of no case of bricking by flashing the firmware.

Using the developing environment, a simple "make app-flash" will do the 
esptool call for you.

Of course you can also flash OTA. I usually flash my desk/development 
module by USB and the one in my car via Wifi from my local server. It's 
up to you. Flashing OTA can only update the firmware, but that's 
normally sufficient.

The "-dirty" tag is appended when building from a "dirty" working tree, 
i.e. one with uncommitted changes.


Am 05.12.20 um 11:40 schrieb Steve Davies:
> Hi Mark et-al,
> I've installed the esp32 and the esp-idf environments on my Mac and 
> successfully build the OVMS firmware.
> In the developer guide it then covers how to flash the box with esptool.
> But: do I need to do that? - my OVMS box is up and running already -
> I'm guessing I can use OTA update to update with
> steve at maximus OVMS.V3 % ls -l  build/ovms3.bin
> -rw-r--r--  1 steve  staff  2986336 Dec  5 12:24 build/ovms3.bin
> ?
> Since the "flash from web" and and "flash from file" are looking for 
> an ovms.bin.
> Nervous to brick my box since it was expensive to get it to Cape Town.
> By the way, my build prints 'App "ovms3" version: 
> 3.2.015-162-g10232c58-dirty'
> I recognise the git commit hash, but what is the "-dirty"?
> (I build a "bmwi3" branch of a fork of the original project - maybe 
> that answers my own question?)
> My OVMS box currently says it's running "3.2.015/ota_0/main (build idf 
> v3.3.2-881-g22d636b7b Sep 2 2020 08:32:35)"
> Thanks,
> Steve
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