[Ovmsdev] New pull requests pending

Soko ovms at soko.cc
Fri Aug 14 16:02:07 HKT 2020

I'm not quite sure if we should discuss this here or in the pull request 
itself. Maybe Mark or Michael should say whats best. Anyhow... Let me 
put you to ease with my /answers below.../

On 14.08.2020 09:18, Chris van der Meijden wrote:
> Hey Soko,
> sorry I don't agree on this pull request.
/Just to make things clear with the other guys: You are talking about 
one of the pull requests, the one with the source split./
> We have already discussed this.
> Lets put this straight. My code for the T26A part is not ready yet. 
> Climate control is still very buggy and it would confuse the user to 
> have such a buggy feature within a possible OVMS release. It will take 
> me probably a week or two, maybe longer, to get the climate control 
> fixed. Then we can do a pull request to the master.

/The T26A code in my pull request is not the one from your fork. It's 
the one that is officially in the master branch of openvehicles. So 
nothing changes for the user and not one source line is different then 

> An other point we also talked about, is that you have not documented 
> your OBD part at all. This is also not acceptable. You can't put 
> features with in the official OVMS repository that are not documented 
> at all. How does the user use your VW e-Up OBD part? What hardware is 
> needed? Where does the user see the results in the webfrontend? Does 
> the app work with your code? ...

/The user is not able to use any of the OBD code as pointed out in the 
pull request description. This is more an esthetic question as the code 
is not active. If the others feel the same I can remove my obd_*.* files 
from the pull request. The outcome is the same... /

> You can't put unready code in the master.
> That is the reason why we use forks. We merge a fork when we have kind 
> of stable code with features that are well documented.
> This is not the case at the moment with the splitted VW e-Up code.

/To sum up: Nothing at all changes for the user with me my pull request. 
Well... besides the name of the VW e-Up vehicle. But is taken care of in 
the upgrade method./

/I even prepared everything so you have it as easy as possible when this 
pull request is put into the master: When you pull it your fork you only 
have to backup your three t26_*.* files from your fork. Then just take 
1:1 the openvehicles-master and put your backup back.
At least that's how I would do it as I'm not familiar how this is done 
in git directly ;)/

> Regards
> Chris
> Am Freitag, den 14.08.2020, 07:06 +0200 schrieb Soko:
>> Hey guys,
>> Just want to let you know on this way as well about the two pull
>> requests I have opened yesterday.
>> Let me know your thoughts. Would be cool if they will be merged very
>> soon so I can continue my work on the VW e-Up.
>> regards,
>> Soko
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