[Ovmsdev] Configuring notifations

Chris van der Meijden chris at arachnon.de
Sun Aug 30 20:43:29 HKT 2020

I just finished the implementation of the "charging detection" for the
komfort-can VW e-Up. Works like charm :-) (Msg ID 0x61C, d2. No Ampere
and Volt yet).

Because I have email notifications activated I now receive mails when I
start or end charging. For me it is enough to see the charging in the
app and I would like to configure the notifications to not sent me
messages on vehicle.charge.start, vehicle.charge.state and

I found this thread from 2018:

and I found the "Notification filtering" and "Event filtering" under
Config -> Notifications, but I did not see a way to disable an specific
notification. Or just do not understand how. Am I overlooking


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