[Ovmsdev] Configuring notifations

Mark Webb-Johnson mark at webb-johnson.net
Mon Aug 31 16:11:31 HKT 2020

From what I can see, the filtering is by subtype, on caller.

In the case of ovms_server_v2, I see:

MyOvmsServerV2Reader = MyNotify.RegisterReader("ovmsv2", COMMAND_RESULT_NORMAL, std::bind(OvmsServerV2ReaderCallback, _1, _2),
                                                   true, std::bind(OvmsServerV2ReaderFilterCallback, _1, _2));

Which seems to enable filtering, and uses ‘ovmsv2’ as the caller.

Then we have:

bool OvmsNotifyCallbackEntry::Accepts(OvmsNotifyType* type, const char* subtype, size_t size)
  // Check size
  if (size > m_verbosity)
    return false;
  // Check filter by config:
  if (m_configfiltered)
    std::string filter = MyConfig.GetParamValue("notify", subtype);
    if (!filter.empty() && filter.find(m_caller) == string::npos)
      return false;
  // Check filter by callback:
  if (m_filtercallback)
    if (m_filtercallback(type, subtype) == false)
      return false;
  return true;

So I’m guessing ‘config set notify vehicle.charge ovmsv2’? Or is that filter out, so needs to list the notifications that it will accept? First time I’ve noticed this, and can’t even remember us having this facility.

Regards, Mark.

> On 30 Aug 2020, at 8:43 PM, Chris van der Meijden <chris at arachnon.de> wrote:
> I just finished the implementation of the "charging detection" for the komfort-can VW e-Up. Works like charm :-) (Msg ID 0x61C, d2. No Ampere and Volt yet).
> Because I have email notifications activated I now receive mails when I start or end charging. For me it is enough to see the charging in the app and I would like to configure the notifications to not sent me messages on vehicle.charge.start, vehicle.charge.state and vehicle.charge.stop
> I found this thread from 2018:
> http://lists.openvehicles.com/pipermail/ovmsdev/2018-May/004980.html <http://lists.openvehicles.com/pipermail/ovmsdev/2018-May/004980.html>
> and I found the "Notification filtering" and "Event filtering" under Config -> Notifications, but I did not see a way to disable an specific notification. Or just do not understand how. Am I overlooking something?
> Thanx
> Chris
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