[Ovmsdev] Battery cell monitor on Android

Derek Caudwell d.caudwell at gmail.com
Wed Aug 19 08:09:44 HKT 2020

Hi Michael,

Now that the battery cell polling is working reliably for my Gen2 Leaf I am
interested in using the Battery/Temp Monitor Android feature you have for
the Twizy.

I have got stuck however trying to setup the Android build environment in
Android Studio. I have installed the SDK for Pie v28, and included a
gradle.properties file with android.useAndroidX=true to resolve the
build error on AndroidX dependencies.

I now seem to be coming up against build errors for older packages such as:
error: package android.support.v7.app does not exist
error: package android.support.v4.content does not exist

A google on these types of errors suggests updating implementation and
import statements  to AndroidX equivalents, however I assume it is simply I
am missing an option somewhere to have these packages downloaded and
included in the build?

Apologies if I am missing something simple here but I could not find a
guide similar to that for building the open vehicle monitoring system

Thanks for the help.

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