[Ovmsdev] Callout for JDM Nissan Leaf VINs

Anko Hanse anko_hanse at hotmail.com
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Indeed, that is also what I see in the responses I have gathered so far:

ZE0-                       2011-2012, 24kwh
AZE0-0 and AZE0-1  2013-2015, 24kwh
AZE0-2                   2016-2017, 24 or 30kwh     (starting production late 2015)
ZE1-                       2018-now   40kwh (and probably also 60kwh from 2019 onward)

That the AZE0-2 VINs contain both 24 and 30kwh models is further confirmed by this site I received from a helpful person on Geekzone.co.nz: https://www.japan-partner.com/check-manufacture-year.php
Try out some random VINS starting with AZE0-2, and you will get both 24kwh and 30kwh results (although they seem to be produced in batches)

So the JDM style VIN can not be used to determine battery size.
It can only be used as an indication of model year groups (but then you will also need to get similar groupings for UK and USA style VINs).

An Auckland based EV battery specialist suggested to me that the LBC Part Numbers (as returned by a poll to 0x79b with pid 0x83) might be our most reliable bet to distinguish pre-2016 models from later models.
For example the part numbers for the LBC are

293A0-3NA0D     for a 2011-2012  (3NA0A and 3NA0B also seem to have existed but should all have been replaced by the 3NA0D fix by now)
293A0-?????        for a 2013-2015  (to be determined)
293A0-4NN0A     for a 2016-2017
293A0-?????        For a 2018-           (to be determined, but also do not need to know)

These numbers do not seem to differ between JDM, USA or UK made cars. And we only need to recognize the 2011-2015 ones so we know to send the 1 byte command over bus1, all others have the 4 byte command over bus2. So no code changes expected when new models come out.

A remaining issue is to decide what component to get the Part Number from. Possibly the Batter Control is not the right one. For commands to the Climate Control you would want to identify the Climate Control (is that the TCU ?). For lock/unlock you would want to identify whatever module handles those. But maybe the LBC or the VCM Part Number is good enough...

The part numbers are documented by Nissan on pages like (for the ZE0-): https://nissan.7zap.com/en/er/leaf/ze0/1+1011+65535/e/291/

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On 23/02/19 8:01 PM, Anko Hanse wrote:
Hopefully that will give us some new insights... I very much hope our collective powers can confirm that ZE0-1xxxxx and AZE0-1xxxxx is 24kwh, AZE0-2xxxxx is 30kwh, AZE1-1xxxxx is 40kwh and possibly AZE1-2xxxxx will be 62kwh    :-)

I have a model year 2016 24kWh JDM which reports AE0-20xxxx in OVMS. This suggests the leading 2 indicates the 2016 model year redesign rather than the 30kWh battery.

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