[Ovmsdev] Leaf charge time estimates

Robin O'Leary ovmsdev at caederus.org
Sun Feb 24 22:45:52 HKT 2019


This adds support for 6 metrics ("xnl.v.c.duration....") reporting the
Leaf BMS's time estimates in minutes for various hypothetical charging

	* to 100% charge (".full")
	* to  80% charge (".range")

	* with power ~1.6kW (".l0")
	* with power ~3.3kW (".l1")
	* with power ~6.7kW (".l2")

I find them useful, although they don't seem to fit in the existing OVMS
charge reporting framework, which expects an on-going charge before it
calculates any estimate.

They may also help us reverse-engineer whether the BMS expects temperature,
cell state, tapering near full, etc. to affect the duration, if we want
to make our own time estimation algotithm,

On my Leaf (which has the 6.6kW charger), the dash display normally shows
two charge time estimates: at 3.3kW power ("xnl.v.c.duration.full.l1")
and at 6.6kW power ("xnl.v.c.duration.full.l2").  My model has the option
for "Long life battery mode"; when this is enabled, it instead shows the
values to 80% ("xnl.v.c.duration.range.l1", "xnl.v.c.duration.range.l2").
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