[Ovmsdev] Callout for JDM Nissan Leaf VINs

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Tue Feb 26 01:51:26 HKT 2019

On 23/02/19 8:01 PM, Anko Hanse wrote:
> Hopefully that will give us some new insights... I very much hope our 
> collective powers can confirm that ZE0-1xxxxx and AZE0-1xxxxx is 
> 24kwh, AZE0-2xxxxx is 30kwh, AZE1-1xxxxx is 40kwh and possibly 
> AZE1-2xxxxx will be 62kwh    :-)

I have a model year 2016 24kWh JDM which reports AE0-20xxxx in OVMS. 
This suggests the leading 2 indicates the 2016 model year redesign 
rather than the 30kWh battery.

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