[Ovmsdev] Add version strings to the boot partitions on the firmware page

Craig Leres leres at xse.com
Wed Nov 14 15:46:53 HKT 2018

 > Could you extend the ‘ota status’ command to show the same?

It was easier than I thought so I wrapped this up tonight and created a 
pull request:


Appended is sample output from "ota status".


OVMS# ota status
Firmware:          3.1.011-21-g482c9d3/factory/main (build idf 
v3.1-dev-1586-g65355d28 Nov 13 2018 23:39:54)
Running partition: factory
Boot partition:    factory
Factory image:     3.1.011-21-g482c9d3
OTA_O image:       3.1.011
OTA_1 image:       3.1.011-16-gb8dc60e
Server Available:  3.1.011 (no update required)


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