[Ovmsdev] Setup wizard

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun May 6 02:57:25 HKT 2018

I have just pushed the first version of a setup wizard.

It currently consists of five steps:

 1. Secure module access (configure wifi AP and module password)
 2. Connect module to internet (switch to Wifi APCLIENT mode)
 3. Update to latest firmware version
 4. Configure vehicle type and server
 5. Configure modem (if equipped)

I tried hard to avoid any dead ends and simplify the process as much as possible, but need your help to test if I really handled all potential screw-ups.

I developed and tested the whole process on my 3.0 hardware module, so if you've got an unused 3.0 module you can use that for the test without destroying your
car configuration.

The wizard state is kept in config module / init, with states "1" … "5" = steps above + sub steps suffixed, and "done" being the final state. There is currently
no "back" option, but you can simply set the config variable.

You can start at any point, regardless of the configuration already existing. The wizard will also not change configuration options it doesn't need to touch, so
you can run it also on an already configured module. But it's really meant to be a first init wizard, and thus won't be a standard menu option.

It only shows if module/init is not "done". If you try the new version on an existing module, you won't see the wizard until you do:

  * config set module init ""

…that's because the previous "password/changed" variable is migrated to "module/init=done".

The wizard is offered on the home screen if init is empty. It automatically loads after login and from the home screen when started, but it does not block the
UI. You can use all UI pages normally, to return to the wizard, simply click the home icon.

Logging is currently maybe a bit excessive, especially as it's on the info level. That is to be able to get some debug info also from modules in default


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