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Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Sun May 6 06:03:55 HKT 2018

@All: please note there was an error in both sdkconfig default files, LWIP SO_REUSE was not enabled. That is necessary for the wifi reconfiguration to work.

If you patch your existing sdkconfig, you also need to add the second line:



Am 05.05.2018 um 20:57 schrieb Michael Balzer:
> I have just pushed the first version of a setup wizard.
> It currently consists of five steps:
>  1. Secure module access (configure wifi AP and module password)
>  2. Connect module to internet (switch to Wifi APCLIENT mode)
>  3. Update to latest firmware version
>  4. Configure vehicle type and server
>  5. Configure modem (if equipped)
> I tried hard to avoid any dead ends and simplify the process as much as possible, but need your help to test if I really handled all potential screw-ups.
> I developed and tested the whole process on my 3.0 hardware module, so if you've got an unused 3.0 module you can use that for the test without destroying
> your car configuration.
> The wizard state is kept in config module / init, with states "1" … "5" = steps above + sub steps suffixed, and "done" being the final state. There is
> currently no "back" option, but you can simply set the config variable.
> You can start at any point, regardless of the configuration already existing. The wizard will also not change configuration options it doesn't need to touch,
> so you can run it also on an already configured module. But it's really meant to be a first init wizard, and thus won't be a standard menu option.
> It only shows if module/init is not "done". If you try the new version on an existing module, you won't see the wizard until you do:
>   * config set module init ""
> …that's because the previous "password/changed" variable is migrated to "module/init=done".
> The wizard is offered on the home screen if init is empty. It automatically loads after login and from the home screen when started, but it does not block the
> UI. You can use all UI pages normally, to return to the wizard, simply click the home icon.
> Logging is currently maybe a bit excessive, especially as it's on the info level. That is to be able to get some debug info also from modules in default
> configuration.
> Regards,
> Michael
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