[Ovmsdev] v3 hardware disconnecting from v2 server

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Sun Mar 18 18:05:12 HKT 2018

On 16/03/18 14:48, Mark Webb-Johnson wrote:
> Probably the most useful output, at the time when the modem couldn’t 
> recover would be:
>     simcom status
>     network status
>     module memory
>     module tasks
> I’m only running with the DEMO vehicle module, Server V2, Wifi AP, and 
> SIMCOM. No GPS enabled. The network seems stable to me (although I am 
> getting one general crash about once a day).

I'm running the Leaf module, server v2, no wifi, simcom and no gps.

The first 3 of the attached logs record what happened yesterday and this 
morning with code from ee023a5 from a few days ago:

ovms_2018-03-17T04_28_21+0000.log.bz2: Driving 10km and into an 
underground carpark where the OVMS lost signal. Interestingly my cell 
phone (on a different carrier who still have a 2G network) maintained a 
connection but degraded to 2G and then stayed on 2G for an hour or so 
afterwards even though I went back back to the surface.

ovms_2018-03-17T08_38_49+0000.log.bz2: 4 hours later, driving out of the 
carpark and returning to the starting point. Connection to the v2 server 
was not restored.

ovms_2018-03-17T23_01_38+0000.log.bz2: 12 hours later, running your 
recommended commands. I note that 13 hours before the OVMS was still 
talking to the simcom but in this session it was no longer talking. When 
I tried to power off the simcom, the OVMS hung and I had to reset it 
with the button.

You will see in the logs that I switched back to the Spark network using 
an m2m simcard after resetting with the button. I worked out why the 
signal strength is so poor here -- Spark's network is on 850/2100MHz 
while I have a SIM5360E module which I think is a 900/2100MHz modem. 
According to internet sources, Spark only have 2100MHz infill with the 
main network running on 850MHz, so that probably explains why it works 
in some locations and not others.

With current master running in the OVMS and using the m2m console, I 
disabled the simcard, and pretty much immediately you can see the 
disconnection in the ovms logs. However when I activate the simcard, it 
does not reconnect. If I press the button to reboot the module it does 
reconnect. In this log file, 445227 is after I reactivated the simcard 
(I actually reactivated it some time before then). Doing a "power simcom 
off", followed by a "power simcom on" seems to have fixed it. I don't 
know if the power cycle is required to reactivate the simcard or if it 
merely speeds up the activation? ovms_2018-03-18T09:25:41+00:00.log.bz2 
is a transcript of this session.

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