[Ovmsdev] Initial experience and Nissan Leaf updates

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Fri Apr 20 14:53:46 HKT 2018


Am 20.04.2018 um 00:22 schrieb Robin O'Leary:
>> You can add a metric for that, i.e. ms_v_env_cabintemp / "v.e.cabintemp".
> That seems simple enough... except adding a new standard metric looks
> like it would have implications for the protocol in ovms_server_v2.cpp.

Only if you want to include the metric in the V2 protocol. Then you need to extend the protocol (messages may grow by new fields) and probably modify the server
and clients to also parse and display the new data.

There are lots of new metrics in V3 that are not covered by the V2 protocol and probably never will. The V2/MP server is included for compatibility, next level
development may focus on V3/MQTT. MQTT isn't fixed to message formats and can transport all metrics.

>> Normal process is using Github pull requests. You push your commits to you repository, then create a pull request. We check your changes and merge them into the
>> master.
> OK, I have done that.
> Yes, I am also familiar with Tom's work from the mynissanleaf.com forum.
> I think he has mostly been working with a different model year, so it
> will be interesting to compare the differences between the two.

Tom, Robins changes are only on the Leaf module, nothing relevant to the framework. Can you have a look?



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