[Ovmsdev] Framework V3.1

Tom Parker tom at carrott.org
Wed Jan 4 19:38:54 HKT 2017

On 04/01/17 12:57, Michael Balzer wrote:
> Your description matches what could happen with the buffer bug.
> Regarding the App crashing: hardening it against garbage data is on my
> list. It happened also with the buffer bug on the Twizy, because the
> data parser is a bit too strict.

Actually the garbage in the messages is due to a new bug in stp_l2f. 
This is causing the app to crash because there is junk in the location 

Wed Jan  4 15:05:08 2017  Server message decodes to: MP-0 

I've sent a pull request to fix it.

I'm not sure why I'm getting alternating authentication failed and 
authentication succeeded emails from Dexter's server.

The "Vehicle is stopped turned on" message is the new "you've left the 
car on feature" which doesn't work so well because decoding the car's 
speed isn't implemented in the Leaf. I'll hard code a non-zero value for 
now and prioritize decoding the speed.

> Btw: I've been in contact with an enthusiastic Leaf owner named Slava
> from the Ukraine, told him to get in contact with you. He thinks about
> setting up an OVMS server for his region. As you may have guessed, there
> is no NissanConnect in the Ukraine... ;)

I'm always keen to hear how well the Nissan support is working. I 
especially want to hear about the remote climate control as not all Gen 
2 cars work and I wonder if models with the Nissan telematics don't 
work, or vice versa.

I really should tidy up and commit the (rather extensive) pile of 
improvements I have in my personal branch.
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