[Ovmsdev] Framework V3.1

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Wed Jan 4 21:00:06 HKT 2017

Oops... thanks for the stp_l2f fix :)

Checking the server log I found another bug I introduced some time ago
in the server push notification code.
I just restarted the fixed server, tell me if the authentication
notifications still occur.

Am 04.01.2017 um 12:38 schrieb Tom Parker:
> On 04/01/17 12:57, Michael Balzer wrote:
>> Your description matches what could happen with the buffer bug.
>> Regarding the App crashing: hardening it against garbage data is on my
>> list. It happened also with the buffer bug on the Twizy, because the
>> data parser is a bit too strict.
> Actually the garbage in the messages is due to a new bug in stp_l2f.
> This is causing the app to crash because there is junk in the location
> messages:
> Wed Jan  4 15:05:08 2017  Server message decodes to: MP-0
> L3���52.042460,-3���3.944089,0,0,0,0,0,0,00,0.0,0,0
> I've sent a pull request to fix it.
> I'm not sure why I'm getting alternating authentication failed and
> authentication succeeded emails from Dexter's server.
> The "Vehicle is stopped turned on" message is the new "you've left the
> car on feature" which doesn't work so well because decoding the car's
> speed isn't implemented in the Leaf. I'll hard code a non-zero value
> for now and prioritize decoding the speed.
>> Btw: I've been in contact with an enthusiastic Leaf owner named Slava
>> from the Ukraine, told him to get in contact with you. He thinks about
>> setting up an OVMS server for his region. As you may have guessed, there
>> is no NissanConnect in the Ukraine... ;)
> I'm always keen to hear how well the Nissan support is working. I
> especially want to hear about the remote climate control as not all
> Gen 2 cars work and I wonder if models with the Nissan telematics
> don't work, or vice versa.
> I really should tidy up and commit the (rather extensive) pile of
> improvements I have in my personal branch.
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