[Ovmsdev] CFG commands on RT_Production

Michael Balzer dexter at expeedo.de
Thu Sep 25 00:34:13 HKT 2014


Am 24.09.2014 um 16:30 schrieb Julien NOZAIS:
> Nothing wrong with my build, I am in 2.6.6 and I can do CFG commands. 
> I have played a bit with the SPEED command, keeping it simple for now. 
> :) I freaked out a bit when the car started beeping as I wasn't (still 
> am not) familiar with the power cycle thing.
> Correct me if I'm wrong, I understood that doing a power cycle means 
> starting the car by turning the key on the first notch, waiting 10-15 
> sec (I noticed a red led blinking on the board at that point), then 
> turning it off and on again. Is it the standard way to do it ?

Power cycle means switching off and on again -- a reset would do as well 
if the Twizy had a reset button.

To change some power map setup you normally turn the key to the first 
notch, issue the CFG command(s), turn off and then on as usual.

First notch is necessary to allow for the SEVCON PRE-OP state. While in 
"GO" state, you can still change any config that doesn't need PRE-OP 
state. See manual for details, especially the section on the 
SimpleConsole and example profiles.

PRE-OP state will sometimes stick (presumably due to some internal value 
checks), then you need to do a power cycle to resolve.


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