[Ovmsdev] CFG commands on RT_Production

Julien NOZAIS julien.nozais at ext.uni.lu
Wed Sep 24 22:30:08 HKT 2014

quick update.

> I will look into any parameters specific to my hardware and maybe try with a different computer / cable / terminal.

The first computer I tried to connect with is a custom onboard and I don't have access to USB ports. I managed to successfuly connect to the DIAG port using USB to RS232 adapter on a laptop (same parameters with minicom) and I also entered SETUP mode but didn't do anything with it yet. I don't have an explanation on why it didn't work with the other cable/computer though. :s
I'll have to look into it since I ultimately have to use the onboard computer.

> I don't have compilation errors any more, so I guess I didn't do everything wrong. :)
> I will now flash the module and test if the CFG commands work.

Nothing wrong with my build, I am in 2.6.6 and I can do CFG commands. I have played a bit with the SPEED command, keeping it simple for now. :) I freaked out a bit when the car started beeping as I wasn't (still am not) familiar with the power cycle thing.

Correct me if I'm wrong, I understood that doing a power cycle means starting the car by turning the key on the first notch, waiting 10-15 sec (I noticed a red led blinking on the board at that point), then turning it off and on again. Is it the standard way to do it ?


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